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Developing next generation leaders: A Filipina woman leader in every sector of the economy



Developing next generation leaders: A Filipina woman leader in every sector of the economy

FEMtorMatch™ is the Filipina Women's Network's strategy for developing the next generation of Filipina leaders through local and global partnerships between female mentors, FEMtors™, and female mentees, FEMtees™. 

FEMtorMatch™ provides structured one-on-one mentoring that harnesses the power of the Internet to broaden and deepen the reach of traditional mentoring. Thus, both FEMtors™ and FEMtees™ can reside anywhere in the world.


Why you should use FEMtorMatch™

Based on established leadership competencies, FEMtorMatch™ can provide FEMtees™ the skillsets and networks they need to succeed as professionals, managers and leaders anywhere in the world.

When combined and demonstrated, with a high level of proficiency, the FEMtorMatch™ Competencies would produce success towards career goals. 

Competencies are defined as knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, accomplishments, traits, characteristics and success factors.


Speed femtoring sessions at a recent FWN Filipina leadership summit. (Photos ©Filipina Women's Network)

Competencies Assessment

Competencies Assessment

How does FEMtorMatch™ work?

Through FEMtorMatch™, trained FEMtors™ and screened FEMtees™ are matched in one-on-one partnerships and agree to communicate at least bi-weekly through a secure FWN FEMtorMatch™ website. The needs and interests of the women who request femtoring drive the exchanges between the FEMtees™ and the FEMtors™. Our focus is on the needs of an approved FEMtee™ to develop her full career potential.

FWN's FEMtorMatch™ Competencies list the 94 key areas of competencies and 810 skills that enable Filipina leaders and professionals to do successful work anywhere in the global workplace.

Competencies are defined as knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, accomplishments, traits, characteristics and success factors.

Mentoring Hands

The competencies are grouped by content category:

  • Leading Yourself
  • Leading Others
  • Leading the Organization
  • Global Competencies

For the 2014-2015 cycle, FEMTORMatch™ focuses on LEADING YOURSELF. This focus will shift to the competencies on Leading Others on the next cyle, and then Leading the Organization which will be partnered with Global Competencies.

As a FEMtee™, the FEMtorMatch™ Competencies assessment will help you determine your strengths and challenges that have been holding you back from getting to the top. The results will not only help you but also help FWN match you with the top FEMtor™ who can work with you.

You will need to devote at least 45 minutes to take this assessment about "Leading Yourself.” FWN suggests this minimum time for a deep personal appraisal of how you perceive yourself, and to evaluate how you manage yourself, your personal challenges and strengths.

Who can apply?

FWN’s commitment is to build the Filipina community's and FWN’s pipeline of qualified leaders, and to increase the odds that some of these leaders will rise to the “President” position in the private and public sectors worldwide.

FEMtees™ are professional Filipina women requesting femtoring who apply and are approved through an application process.

FEMtorMatch™ is only available to members of FWN. For membership information, visit the “Why Join the Filipina Women’s Network” page.

Global FWN100 2013.jpeg



FEMtors™ are FWN’s 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the United States (FWN100™) from 2007 thru 2015, and the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World (Global100™) who have offered to share their competencies and skills with selected FEMtees™.

United States FWN100™ and Global FWN100™ awardees are senior and executive leaders, managers, professionals, elected and appointed officials, subject matter experts, and entrepreneurs in the public, private, non-profit, and military sectors. Awardees also include self-employed business owners/sole proprietors, independent contractors, members of partnerships, or members of limited liability companies.

Why become a FEMtor™?

You have been selected and received an award as one of the FWN's 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World or one of the FWN's 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the United States.

The 100 Most Influential Women in the World Award (Global FWN100™) is a working award – the winners are asked to femtor a protégée (a FEMtee™) and be a partner in building next generation Filipina women leaders. This award comes with the privilege of 'paying forward' and contributing your workplace learning and expertise in the development of the next generation of Filipina women leaders.

FEMtoring is a special honor to facilitate an emerging Filipina leader’s personal and professional growth by sharing wisdom you have gained through years of experience.

As a FEMtor™, the FEMtorMatch™ Competencies assessment will help you discover your key areas of competencies and skillsets that you are willing to share with a FEMtee™. The assessment will also help you uncover those areas for improvement.


As a FEMtor™, you also benefit by:

  • Enhancing your skills

Femtoring can facilitate your own professional growth, making you more of an asset to your organization. By femtoring emerging Filipina leaders from different backgrounds and with different personality types, you can strengthen your coaching and leadership skills. You will gain a fresh perspective on your performance since your FEMtee™ is likely to ask you why you do things in a certain way. This will help you to take a critical look at how you are leading and what areas you may need to adjust for improvement.

  • Developing your own organization’s mentoring program

Femtoring can help you enlarge or start a mentoring program for your entire organization to help develop talent and promote from within, and thus address issues of succession planning and retention. Your femtoring experience will benefit your organization as you apply lessons learned to nurture promising employees to become top-performing executives.

  • Creating a legacy

Femtoring can help you create a legacy that has a lasting impact not only on your FEMtee™ but also on the leadership development of Filipina women leaders in every sector of the economy. In addition to personal satisfaction, the knowledge and competencies you foster in your FEMtee™ can inspire new ideas for generations to come. Moreover, you can help carry on your organization’s branding and legacy by passing on its values and mission to others.

Femtoring can be a truly rewarding experience. Becoming a FEMtor™ is a big decision that requires intentionality. FWN asks your commitment of time and energy as each femtoring relationship requires a six-month commitment. Becoming a FEMtor requires FWN membership (current in member dues).  The benefits to you, your own organization, and to the development of Pinay Power 2020 are well worth your effort.