Alay (Offering)—$5,000

  • Lydia Cruz, Founder, The Lydia Cruz Foundation (Global100 ‘13)

Handog (Oblation)—$3,000

  • Dr. Ernestina de los Santos-Mac, Physician, Philippine American Community Center of Michigan (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Maya Ong Escudero, Vice President & Treasurer, Literacy Initiatives International Foundation (Keeper of the Flame ‘07, ‘13 and '14)

Gawad (Grant)—$1,000

  • Dr. Maria Beebe, President, Global Networks (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Jocelyn Ding, Vice President of Operations, Google Enterprise (Global FWN100 ‘13)

Pagkakaloob (Present)—$500

  • Cora Tellez, Chief Executive Officer, Sterling HSA (Global FWN100 ‘13)

Pagkakaloob 2—$400

  • Astrid Tuminez, Regional Director, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Southeast Asia, Microsoft, Inc. (Global FWN100 ‘13)

Regalo (Gift)—$200

  • Annette David, Founder & Director of Health Consulting Services Health Partners, LLC (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Nina Aguas, President & CEO, Philippine Bank of Communications (Global FWN100 ‘13)

Kakayahan (Capacity)—$100

  • Bambi Lorica, MD, Medical Adviser, Asia America Initiative (US FWN100 '07, Keeper of the Flame '09, '11, 12, ‘13, '14)
  • Bennie Quevedo-Burris, Investment & Wealth Trust Associate, Mechanics Bank Wealth Management (US FWN100 ‘11)
  • Rear Admiral Eleanor Valentin, Director, Military Health System Governance Integration Organization, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Esther Lee, District Governor for 2011-2012, Lions Clubs International, Multiple District 4, District 4-C4 (US FWN100 ‘12)
  • Evelia Religioso, President, Siniloan Feeds Corporation (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Gel Santos Relos, News Anchorwoman, ABS-CBN International (US FWN100 ‘11)
  • Hydra Mendoza-McDonnell, Mayor’s Senior Education and Family Services Adviser San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee (US FWN100 '09, Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Imelda Cuyugan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for State Government Relations, Pima Community College District (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Isabelita Manalastas-Watanabe, President and Representative Director, Speed Money Transfer Japan Kabushiki Kaisha (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • John Rottman, Superintendent, Hathaway Dinwiddie
  • Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal, Pysychotherapists & Professor, Greater Echo Elysian Neighborhood Council (US FWN100 '09, Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Julie Zarate Hudson, Genevieve Wines (US FWN100 ‘11)
  • Lirio Sobrevinas Covey, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry Clinical Therapuetics, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University Medical Center (US Global100 ‘13)
  • Lorraine Remigio,  ‎Account Executive at Heffernan Insurance Brokers
  • Loisa Cabuhat, Realtor, Coral Sea Realty; President, Cabuhat Tech. Services (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Maria Theresa Custodio, Financial Administrator, Navy Region, Japan
  • Marian Catedral King, PGPA Representative at Chevron (U.S. FWN100™ '12)
  • Marife Zamora, Senior Vice President & Managing Director for Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, & Africa, Convergys Corporation (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Patricia Gallardo, Director of CSR & Sustainability, Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Ambassador Patricia Paez, Embassy of the Philippines, Poland, Non-Resident Ambassador to Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Rosemer Enverga, TV Network Consultant & Community Leader, Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Thelma Boac, Member of the Board of Trustees Berryessa Union School District (US FWN100 ‘07, Keeper of the Flame '09, '11, 12, ‘13, '14)
  • Theresa Noriega-Lum, Finance Director, BlackRock (US FWN100 ‘12)
  • Rozita Villanueva Lee, Commissioner, President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans (US FWN100 '07, Global100 ‘13)
  • Victor Lorica, MD


Alaala (in honor of)—$100

  • Noel de Leon, Police Officer, San Francisco Police (Donated in honor of Ms. Betty Foote)

Corporate Sponsors




  • Loida Nicolas Lewis, Chair, Reginald F. Lewis Foundation (US FWN100 '07, Global FWN100 ‘13)


Regalo 2—$250

  • Astrid Tuminez, Regional Director, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Southeast Asia, Microsoft, Inc. (Global FWN100 ‘13)



  • Amelia Duran-Stanton, Deputy Chief of Inspections, Inspector General/Orthopedic Physician Assistant, United States Army (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Cherina Viloria Tinio, Assistant Chief Nurse, Veterans Administration Health Care System Menlo Park Division (US FWN100 ‘11)
  • Denni Cawley, Former Associate Director & Head (Executive Education), Global Partnerships Catalyst
  • Evelyn Luluquisen, Executive Director, Manilatown Heritage Fund (US FWN100 ‘11)
  • Jennifer Sioxson
  • Julieta Gabiola, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford University (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Librada Yamat, DDS, Dr. Librada C. Yamat Dental Corporation (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Dr. Mariedel Leviste, President & CEO, National Healthcare ACO; Pacificare Medical; Biodermik, Inc. ; Telemedicine Inc., (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Regina Manzana-Sawhney, Senior Program Manager, Corporate Engineering, Google, (Global FWN100 ‘13)
  • Tess Mauricio, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist, Owner & Founder of M Beauty by Dr. Tess (Global FWN100 ‘13)